Rental Printer, Supply and Service

We offered product sales to services.

We understand that printing needs will be increasing along with the growth of the company, so that the costs incurred will also increase. We offer solutions that can save printing costs without reducing quality of the results, with our rental printer using quality refill ink.

Our rental printer services include free periodic maintenance, technician support and printer repairs for technical problems.

Rental Printer

CCTV Total Solution, Fingerprint Access and Alarm System

CCTV is a qualified securities system to prevent access from unauthorized parties and monitor situations in the work environment. We provide products to installation services.

With fingerprint and alarm system, protect your restricted area with limited access for authorized personnel. We are using fingerprint device manufactured from Korea and other brand based on customer request.

CCTV and Security System


LAN, VPN, Cloud/Server Network, Networking equipment, Integrated security, Firewall, ESM

A good network connection is needed to facilitate data access in a company so that all related parts can be connected properly to facilitate workflow.  We ensure the network structure is neatly arranged so that it is easy to handle if problems arise at any time and also ensure a secure connection.

Server router for networking

After-sales Service

As a distributor, we don’t just sell products. We also supporting customers with assistance of after-sales services, specifically for guaranteed products. If you are our customer and some problem occurs on a product that you purchased from us, do not hesitate to contact our customer care and we will help you to solve the problem.